Walla Walla Transmission Specialists | Walla Walla, WA

204 Bennett St Walla Walla, WA 99362-1608

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Diagnostic Diagnostic Check Engine

Electrical repair services include

You'll get fast auto diagnostic solutions

Come in today to have all of your systems scanned. We will check your fault codes, pinpoint the problem, and provide you with all of the necessary repairs at an affordable rate. You'll receive comprehensive auto care with us!

•   Electrical wiring repairs

•   Check engine light diagnostic

•   Anti-lock braking systems

•   Alternators

"I've been sore vexed by mechanics before, but not here. "

- Junior Waysouth

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Take the guess work out of repairs

Not sure why your car isn't in top condition? Walla Walla Transmission Specialists has the latest information available.  We use factory diagnostic equipment, and make sure that all of our technicians are skilled in the latest techniques, and services necessary to repair your vehicle or replace non-working parts.


You can count on us to pinpoint the problem, and provide services to prevent future issues. Our technicians will offer expert advice and a personal approach every time!